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Cook demonstrates how to chop garlic without a board

Make Taste & Takeaway

Our featured project is Make Taste and Takeaway - a project enabling parents and carers to make and share food with African, Asian and Middle Eastern Cooks at St John Vianney RC Primary and with the wider community at St Austins Parish Centre, Thatto Heath.
Take 12 cooks from around the world (including St Helens), supply 2 venues, ingredients from around the world - chilli & chickpeas to squash and saffron - bring them together for 8 weeks and you have fledgling friendships and the best 'takeaways' on Merseyside.
The project was supported by Father Martin, Mrs Roberts, Amira, Nazanine, Azeita, Mishelle, Reze, Bushra, Ayesha and Faiza, Target Wellbeing and Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, Parish Power, the parents, carers and grandparents who participated and the 46 local residents who enjoyed a global feast at the community lunch.

Faiths4Change enables people to learn and work together to transform lives and spaces supported by partners from all sectors. Our work is practical and empowering, developed with those who will benefit and connecting social justice, local economy and the health and wellbeing of people and planet.