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Really Useful Skills Hub resource

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Really Useful Skills Hub

Faiths4Change recently organised a Really Useful Skills Hub focussing on the many benefits of textile reuse, and how organisations in Merseyside can harness these to benefit their communities and the environment. The event was creative, informative and resourceful, focussing on the development of a Circular Economy through textile reuse. Participating organisations contributed to thought provoking and inspiring workshops, with various groups developing ideas of how they can help support and sustain one another.

The event was split into three areas: Enterprise, Knowledge & Skill Share and Health & Wellbeing. This document follows that structure to bring together information and ideas that were discussed in each of the three sessions. A list of useful resources that were mentioned during the event has been included.

A huge thanks to all of the groups who took part and contributed to this skill share resource. A list of all of the organisations with links to their websites can be found at the end of this document.