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WING - Women in Faith Group on Merseyside

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WING - Faith, Food, Fun and Friendship for Women of all Faiths...

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WING is a group and a network of women from all faiths. We come together to break down the walls of ignorance that lead to conflict, hatred and mistrust between the many religions of the world. We teach each other and share with one another our faiths to help move towards understanding and solidarity in faith.


We come together to share food when we meet. Food is a universal language that we can all understand and connect with. There's no better way to make friends!


We undertake an activity each time we come together to meet. Be it; making bags out of jeans and saris, to quilt-making, or walks and religious site visits.


All the activities we do are to create bonds between women of different faiths. Through the exploration of all of our different culture of faith, food, and fun we build friendship.

WING activities

WING is made up of a core group of women of different faiths and a wider membership. The core group organise events, with imput from the wider membership, that enable women to share and learn about different faith traditions, stories, festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

Membership of WING is informal and free to all women of any faith. To join the mailing list or for more information, please contact Irene

The Drones Quilt is a project of the Fellowship of Reconciliation that hopes to challenge decision makers and the public to think about the real people, and their stories, who are killed by drones strikes. Below is a flyer with a press release about the Drones Quilt Project

WING Events

Past events

In April 2013 WING met together at the Christian Science Church and talked about the role of women in religion:

DoveThe event at the Christian Science church in the John Archer Centre was very enjoyable. We began with delicious food (as ever) followed by a short presentation on the life of Mary Baker Eddy, who founded the Christian Science movement. ( She overcame many obstacles, in part because she was a woman in a man’s world in the 19th century – and went on to become a religious leader, publisher, writer, and noted speaker.

The discussion which followed highlighted the role of women in religion, which has often been overlooked – and Ruth shared many insights into the way women in the Bible were often more significant than has been recognised. Eleanor brought out examples of women whose faith has inspired enormous social good. Thanks to Alison for organising the event, (and for explaining that Christian Science is Christian and nothing to do with Scientology). And thanks to all the ladies of the church for their hospitality – and to everyone who came and who joined in – making this a special and inspiring evening.

This is the first time we’ve gone “deep” into faith, rather than sharing around a creative activity, and we’re keen to extend this in the future. It will be particularly good to widen our discussion beyond the Christian tradition to include our friends from other faiths.

Women standing in front of display

WING workshop at the Hindu templeOn the 28th February WING held a workshop at the Hindu temple, led by Janet Wilkinson.
We learnt about the cultural tradition of making arpilleras.
Women from Chile, Northern Ireland & other cultures have used arpilleras (arr-pee-air-ahs) , stitched appliqué textile wall hangings , to tell their stories, sometimes involving violence and hardship.
Women's needlework can be used as a creative way of protesting or documenting the oppression or struggles of a community.
We all had a go at making our own arpillera figures. It was a very well attended event and we are most grateful to the ladies at the Hindu temple for their kind hospitality.

Celebrating women's Lives- Quilt Making

In November, WING had an enjoyable evening working on the peace and prayer quilt which women from Ruth's churches have been developing. We were joined by two knowledgeable members of the Liverpool Embroiderers Guild, Vicky and Val who helped us with the project - and also with consuming the delicious homemade food we shared. They soon recovered from the coffee served with salt! (someone had stored it where the sugar goes) and good progress was made with refreshments and with the quilt. Ruth shared inspirational poetry and we agreed we'd all love to get together again in January to do more on the quilt - including adding motifs from various faith groups to the border.


WING Core Group

Currently the core group consists of Irene, Nancy, Rekha, Annie, Alison, Ruth and others at different times. All women of faith are welcome to join the core group on an ad hoc or regular basis .... Irene

Recently the group went on a geology walk this provide an opportunity to think about evolution from the point of view of a committed Christian geologist, who also accepts rocks and fossils are millions of years old.

Hilary undaunted by the rain tells all!